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The Hush Puppies

All Your Favourite Music (Only Quieter)

The world of background music has changed.  In bars and clubs, high-energy groovy hits are played at a low level over the speakers. Until now, no band has been able to offer this as a live option. Until now, there has not been....The Hush Puppies!  Take seven musicians, unplug their instruments, turn their amps off, lock the drum kit in the cupboard and get them to play the best in soul, R'n'B,  jazz and classic pop.  


The Hush Puppies play hard and funky, but on acoustic instruments. The result?  High energy, low volume party entertainment which never intrudes.  Should you want them to lift the  level of your party music, we simply plug everything in and play on into the night.

The Hush Puppies - All Your Favourite Music Only Quieter   |   |   020 8539 5229   |   07866 833 040

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