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The Richard Pite Quartet   |   |   020 8539 5229   |   07866 833 040

Mainstream & Modern Jazz - Harmonica, Bass, Piano & Drums


The Richard Pite Quartet plays mainstream and modern jazz music and features the young virtuosic harmonica player Philip Achille alongside pianist/singer Phil Phillips and female singer/bassist Charlie Pyne.  A wide variety of music includes their own unique versions of popular classical music as well as contemporary pop given a jazz flavour.  The jazz music they perform is equally entertaining as background music or for dancing or for cabaret.

 The Richard Pite Quartet: Show Reel

The Richard Pite Quartet features the young harmonica virtuoso Philip Achille.  Richard writes -  “When Philip played his stunning version of Bach’s Air On A G String at a jazz club recently he raised the roof.  In all the years of playing jazz venues I have never witnessed a reception as enthusiastic as this”.  


Philip was discovered by Richard when the former was busking on the underground – “he was playing classical music superbly – I was amazed when he then began to play be-bop equally brilliantly in the style of harmonica legend Toots Thielemans .  He is one of the most incredible musicians I’ve ever worked with”.  

Another exceptional talent is the band’s singer and bass player Charlie Pyne.  Still in her twenties she combines a beautiful voice reminiscent of Jane Monheit with her solid and swinging double bass.  Phil Phillips is the pianist who also adds vocals and Richard Pite directs from the drums.  

The Swan: Saint-Saens.  The Richard Pite Quartet

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